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Enjoy being received in amazing sites and enhance your performance. Our team of coaches and consultants intervene on the French Riviera but also everywhere in France and abroad. 

Why joining our team of coaches on the French Riviera?

More than ten years of experience

A unique natural environment to get competitive

Accomodation structures near the training places

Intervention on site or abroad

A tailor-made physical training

Your physical preparation in Cannes

After being located inside Sophia Country Club for many years, BFS training offers its services in Cannes, Sophia Antipolis and Monaco.
This area is a real heaven of greenery on the French Riviera as it is located between the seaside and the mountains and is considered as a splendid location for training in the great outdoors.
BFS Training group was created in 2008 with the desire to develop and provide its services on the French Riviera first.
Located 20 minutes away from Nice airport , BFS French Riviera benefits from partnerships with different hotels near the training sites.We facilitate the accommodation for the athletes who are coming on a defined period (pre-season camps , recovery periods in the countryside, cohesion camps or during the courses ).

Our additional training facilities in Cannes

BFS Group is also settled in Cannes in partnership with Municipalité / AS cannes FC / Elite Tennis Center and is provided a 300m2 place in the Coubertin stadium that has been redesigned.
BFS French Riviera also benefits from the prestigious facilities of the Monte-Carlo Country Club to train the Monaco Tennis Federation players and be appropriately prepared.

Interventions anywhere in France and abroad.

The group also has a branch that is located on the west part of France named BFS Ouest Sports Performance. We are able to intervene anywhere in France but also abroad during contest or training periods. It ranges from training sessions in the Middle East during the winter period, to mountains camps or short residences with individual athletes in London , Paris, Marrakech, Moscow or in Asia or the USA.

Intervention on contests sites

To finish, BFS team offers a monitoring during contests for professional athletes in tennis and golf or
with professional teams and clubs for camps or for a year – round mission (soccer , basketball, rugby and cycling) .


Specialists in physical preparation
High-level trainings
Individual and team sports
Physical trainer courses and full-time camps


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