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Located in Angers, BFS OPS is turned towards the athletic performance, the physical assessment and the monitoring of all kinds of athletes. Short -periods camps are provided, as well as a year – round monitoring or simply during a defined period corresponding to precise objectives in competitions.
The group provides individual or collective programs for reathletisation or simply to enhance the athlete’s performance.
BFS OSP is willing to move and to work with your sports facilities or to find external solutions if needed.

3 reasons to choose BFS OUEST

Monitoring and analysis of the heart rate

Interventions and missions on specific sites

Specific expertise in soccer

A multi-sports physical preparation for high-level athletes

BFS Ouest Sports Performance offers you to plan and deliver physical training sessions and make you reach your high –level performance or fitness goals.
BFS OSP was created in 2017 regarding BFS Group’s desire to develop and deploy its expertise all around the country. This branch of the group is headed by Thibaut Hervéou who uses the expertise and skills from BFS group for high-level clubs ( professional soccer , basketball, rugby, tennis and many leagues or universities on the west part of France).
The main basis of our approach will be a longitudinal tracking with a training quantification and the identification of the quality of your recovery.

A specific expertise in soccer

Our team will offer you the possibility to benefit from our expertise in soccer so as to help you structure your training sessions with technical, tactical and motor development knowledge for youth sections for example.

Thibaut Herveou

u A district supervisor with many references.


Representative of Firstbeat Technologies  Oy ( in France and in the French speaking countries. • Firstbeat Technologies is a Finish company and is the leader in the monitoring and the analysis of the heart rate in professional sport and well-being. • Member of the technical section for the soccer district in Maine et Loire Course instructor for the soccer league in Pays de La Loire. • Supervisor of the goalkeepers in Angers Croix Blanche (Women’s division 2)


Graduated in performance engineering (Master’s degree) • Bachelor in sports training (IFEPSA in Angers) • Certificate of  soccer coach

Expertise :

• Physical preparation – monitoring the training load and the heart rate variability. •  Soccer trainings • Goalkeeper trainings .


Specialists in physical preparation
High-level trainings
Individual and team sports
Physical trainer courses and full-time camps


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83440 Tourrettes
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