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We specialize in the physical preparation of many individual sports. By requiring our services, you necessarily get an expertise of your performance in relation with your sport. Our team has a strong experience in tennis, golf, skiing, cycling beside any other mechanical sport.
Moreover, we have been developing tailor-made programs for athletes evolving in team sports for ten years. Athletes usually come and optimize their physical conditions during the off-season in order to get stronger for the seasons to come that increase in intensity or even to make adjustments and therefore avoid injuries.
Many sports agents and athletes such as soccer, basketball, rugby or volleyball players put their trust in BFS Training group.

Thanks to the group, high- level players have the chance to experience individual programs with preparatory trainings.

Preparation camps

Many studies show the importance of the physical preparation even in sports that require more technic than physical capacities. It will upgrade the athlete’s performance and optimize his / her physical intensity thanks to the execution of a specific drill or simply improve the intrinsic capacities of the player. It is thanks to this work basis that some get ahead of the curve.

Recovery – prevention program

One of the keys to success is the way to handle and personalize the training load but recovery with thoughtful parameters is also part of it. Referencing procedures are developed to fit each profile. We need to keep in mind that a performing recovery is essential for a successful training.
Moreover, Specific adjustments with the place, the different techniques chosen and the quality of the human relationship with the coach are also part of an efficient physical recovery.
Finally, Even if the permanent desire for performance predominates, many preventive exercises will be put forward to the athletes, whatever the sport.

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Soccer and basketball players, cyclists……ask a proficient team for help to lead you to excellence.

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